Prefab dome house based on kupol market house kit in Austria

admin, 02:41 11.02.2022

Prefab dome house based on kupol market house kit in Austria

We are very pleased to receive confirmations that our company's engineering solutions in the niche of high-tech #prefab housing from biopositive materials that contribute to the creation of a healthy living environment are in demand outside the Russia.

In 2020, we had produced and shipped to Austria a house kit according to an individual project. This was the first experience of independent foreign economic activity, which included complex logistics, phyto-sanitary and customs clearance procedures, as well as the organization of an international financial flow. 
Experience has shown that we can do this effectively.

Let's talk a little about the features of working with a European customer.

First of all, in order to build a house for the permanent residence of his rather big family, our client had to obtain a building permit. He wanted a domehouse with an internal diameter about 10-11 meters, and according to the Austrian regulation, this demands being approved in advance.

A project was ordered from an architect and documentation was developed. Since initially there was no understanding of the contractor, the construct was laid arbitrarily. Very often architects are more artists than engineers. In this regard, the original Austrian documentation had to be reworked.

Looking ahead, we will say that we have optimized this link by sending all the necessary technical information to interested customers. So they can prepare a package of documents for the appropriate authorities. This allows you to optimize the process and avoid painstaking processing and fitting the architect's imagination to the realities and objective technical limits.

We had designed and approved a set of working documentation, according to which the house received an internal diameter of 10.6 meters.

The thickness of the wall for insulation was 300 mm (one of the standard solutions). Separately, we note that the issue of thermal efficiency is one of the basic in a case of european customers. This is due not only to more stringent regulation and requirements of insurance companies than in the Russian Federation, but also to the cost of energy sources. Heating in Europe is significantly more expensive than in Russia.


The foundation is a monolith. And the pearl and individual feature of this house is the elevator from the underfloor to the third floor.

Since the client insisted on insulation with sprayed polyurethane foam with a closed cell (we still recommend using a gas-permeable insulation to create a favorable microclimate and the processes of diffusion and convection close to natural), it was decided to use OSB-0 house kit panels with a thickness of 9 mm. On top of it was a layer of built-up waterproofing and a crate for fastening the exterior finish - a three-layer chipped larch shingle. Larch shingles were included in the supply. Additionally, we note that such solutions that do not imply a gas-permeable wall cake require the installation of a forced ventilation system.


It took 2 standard Eurotrucks for delivery. The optimal solution for installation is unloading the house kit onto the prepared foundation “from the wheels” and sequential assembly. 
Therefore, it makes sense to break the unloading into 2 days. This removes the issue of organizing the storage of panels at the construction site. But in Austria there were opportunities to organize storage.

Setting up the house contour took a then record-breaking 28 hours over 3 work shifts. A small slide show about this house can be viewed here and on our Instagram

Finishing work is carried out with European care and without haste. Nevertheless, even a house that is not completely finished causes a lot of interest, and our European distributors send interested customers to visit for seeing and touching the result of the well-coordinated work of the kupol market team and Austrian contractors, who quickly and technologically assembled the domehouse according to the instructions.


Keep for updates. Join us in instagram! We are looking forward to a detailed review by the owner of the house and a room tour in the near future.